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Unveil a new dimension of beauty with hair extensions that redefine your look. Whether you’re craving length, density, or a splash of vibrant color, our expert stylists at Red Stella Salon in Austin, specialize in crafting seamless extensions that blend flawlessly with your natural hair. Ready to get the hair you’ve always wanted? Follow the steps below and let’s begin!

Quality Service at Its Best

As a high-end salon in central Austin, first class service is what we do best. We are passionate in providing excellent styling services to exceed expectations and create an aesthetically pleasing look for clients. Our friendly and professional staff is always ready to attend to your needs and provide a satisfying experience every time you visit our salon.
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Book a Consultation and Order Your Hair.

During your consult your stylist will cover all the details, your desired lenth, color, cost, how many wefts to order and which technique will be best for you. Our most popular technique is the hand tied method. The cost of the hair varies and depends on lenth, color, and amount. You can pay for and order your hair before you leave. Expect 3-5 business days for it to arrive. Brands we use and recommend are Bellami, Habit, Covet and Mane, and Bombshell.


 Book your Installation

 Installation is $415 and includes custsom cutting to blend extensions to natural hair for a beautiful seamless finish. The amount of hair you order will deterrmine your lenth of time in the chair. Any color or toning is extra.


Tightening/Move up

Every 8 weeks you will need to come in to tighten/move up your extensions. This service will be faster than your initial install. A tighening service is generally $300 or $150 for one row.

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Q: How much can I expect to pay?
A: Prices are based on both hair and installation. Once you’ve invested in your hair, it can last up to nine months when taken care of properly, so you will only have to pay to tighten/move up the hair. Total cost can start as low as $850 but each price is personalized to your hair goals.

Q: I workout a lot, can I still wear hair extensions?
A: Yes! There will be some tips and tricks to do post workout to maintain the longevity of your hair and your stylist will go over this with you at your appointment.

Q: can I get extensions if I color my hair?
A: definitely! And there are specific techniques we use to touch up your color throughout the time you have your extensions in.

Q: if I no longer want my hair extensions, can I take them out myself?
A: we highly suggest that you do not do this. An extension removal can take as little as 15 minutes, so please call us to book a removal to help avoid damaging your natural hair.

Q: what do I do if my hair extensions don’t match my natural hair color?
A: Most extensions can be colored, so just book that appointment with us and we can help get that adjusted for you.

Q: how do I take care of my hair with my extensions?
A: keeping up with your tightening/move-up appointments every 8 weeks and taking home our curated professional product recommendations will make a big difference in keeping the health of your hair.

Q: Can I swim with hair extensions?
A: Of course! To take care of your hair, we suggest braiding, or putting it in a low ponytail and wetting it with natural water before jumping in the pool. Be sure to rinse and wash after swimming.

Book Your Consultations and Installations