Go to Reputable Hair Salons in Austin, TX and Get the “Lob” Look

Go to Reputable Hair Salons in Austin, TX and Get the “Lob” Look

The demand for talented stylists working in Austin has never been so strong, thanks to the many women who make a point of keeping up with the hottest in Hollywood hairstyles. One of the latest trends that has gotten women scrambling for an appointment in reputable hair salons in Austin, TX is none other than the “lob,” which is short for long bob.

A traditional bob haircut is generally cut at jaw level, whereas a lob is still long enough for you to wear it in a ponytail or a bun. The lob is a great compromise for those women who want an edgy, new look, but are not quite ready for the drastic and abrupt change of a bob. According to Dana Oliver in an article for The Huffington Post, some of the famous celebrities sporting variations of the lob look include Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Nicole Richie, and Karlie Kross.

The lob haircut falls under the “cool in-between length,” according to Oliver. This hairstyle is ideal for the spring/summer season because it is short enough to help with the heat. Likewise, as with all haircuts, it can help maintain the health and thickness of your hair.

lob lookMake sure that you only work with talented and experienced stylists in an Austin hair salon, though, like Red Stella Salon. Without the proper maintenance of a skilled stylist, your hair could end up looking like a helmet or a triangle. According to an article by Stephanie Nolasco for Fox News Magazine, you should ask your stylist to keep the ends light and wispy to prevent a “pyramid look.”

Aside from proper hair maintenance, you also need to figure out which variation of the lob cut will best suit your face shape. Oliver’s article says that if you have a heart-shaped face, a longer lob-chin length or even longer-is most suitable to soften your face. Square faces, on the other hand, should have a lob that’s longer on the side to soften the jawline, and it should also be noted that bangs usually don’t go well with this face shape.

Meanwhile, a long, oval face can benefit a lot from a bangs and lob combo. Adding layers can also bring movement to your lob and, in general, an oval face gives you more room to experiment. Just make sure to consult your stylist so you can have the best possible Hollywood lob look.