More Teens Getting Professional Bikini Waxing in Austin before Going to Summer Camp

More Teens Getting Professional Bikini Waxing in Austin before Going to Summer Camp

For a growing number of American teens, a quick trip to the salon is now a pre-summer camp essential. Hannah Orenstein of The Huffington Post reports that several salons in New York City have experienced a sudden surge in preteen and teenaged clients going in for professional grooming services. In particular, many of these girls get a bikini wax before leaving for summer camp.

The article quotes a New York Times article in which beauty expert Bobbi Brown states that parents who approve of bikini waxing for teens simply want to make sure their kids feel confident and comfortable while away on summer camp. Unwanted body and facial hair, after all, can make one feel awkward and self-conscious. It shouldn’t be surprising to see a lot of young teen-aged girls opting for professional waxing in Austin, considering that summer camps in the capital city of Texas often involve such varied activities as hiking, acting, dancing, cooking, and swimming.

Bikini waxing for teens does have its fair share of critics, as the article points out. According to a poll conducted by a website for moms, 57 percent of respondents felt they would rather wait for their daughters to turn 18 before allowing them to get bikini waxes. In any case, parents who see no problem with depilatory treatments for young girls may want to take their kids to reputable salons like Red Stella in Austin for problem-free bikini waxing.

As for the dangers of unsafe waxing methods, Orenstein makes a brief reference to an episode of the reality show Toddlers and Tiaras, in which a young pageant contestant’s tender facial skin was stripped off while her eyebrows were being waxed. When girls hit puberty, pubic hair growth starts out soft and straight then eventually turns coarser, which can be painful if removed incorrectly. Reputable Austin salons like Red Stella use premium and safe wax blends that allow quicker removal of unwanted hair and help minimize skin irritation.

Meanwhile, it was observed that girls who would rather do self-grooming at home often turn to their favorite teen magazines for tips. Yet a girl who has never had a bikini wax before may run the risk of injuring herself when removing hair down there for the first time. It is, thus, safer to go for professional hair removal in Austin, where a trained attendant can apply wax carefully and evenly, leading to a smooth bikini area.

Girls have a lot to deal with during puberty, and physical changes such as hair growth on intimate areas can make them feel awkward in social settings like summer camps. Psychology Today encourages parents to educate their daughters about the process of puberty, as well as teach them about proper hygiene and grooming.