Paige is a talented hairstylist who specializes in highlights, accent colors, and texturized haircuts. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Paige brings a touch of Southern charm and flair to her work, making each client’s experience unique and enjoyable.
Paige continually hones her craft, having completed Susan Ford’s Trendy Haircut class, color education with Wella, and styling techniques with Sebastian renowned artist Omar Antonio. These accomplishments highlight her commitment to staying current with industry trends and effectively connecting with her clients.
When she’s not in the salon, Paige enjoys spending time with her three beloved cats, who are the pride and joy of her and her husband. She loves going out to dance, having drinks with friends, and relaxing outside with a good book.
Paige’s combination of skill, ongoing education, and grounding personality makes her a standout stylist. Her clients appreciate her dedication, creativity, and the personal touch she brings to every appointment.