salon manager


Salon Manager

Meet Reese, a skilled salon manager hailing from the heart of East Texas. With two years of managerial experience under her belt, Reese brings a unique blend of leadership and organization to her role. Despite her background in political science, Reese found her true calling in the world of beauty and wellness. A fun fact about Reese is her love for animals; she shares her home with two beloved dogs, who bring joy and companionship to her life. In her earlier years, Reese also gained valuable experience working in a fruit orchard, instilling in her a strong work ethic and appreciation for nature’s bounty. Born and raised in East Texas, Reese embodies the warmth and hospitality of her roots, ensuring every client at the salon feels welcomed and valued. With her passion for both people and beauty, Reese is dedicated to creating a positive and enriching experience for everyone who walks through the salon doors.