Have an event tonight and your skin is looking lifeless? Is it time for your monthly facial but your schedule is packed? Do you wish there was something you could do to perk up your skin immediately with no redness or down-time? Now there is! The Glaze, designed by Esthetician Jaime Carson, is for anyone who needs to get their glow back FAST. This unique 35 minute treatment begins with a customized exfoliation to sweep away dead cells and smooth the skin, relaxing facial massage using a satiny smooth Gua Sha stone. And finally, a hydrating oxygen mist infusing our signature blend of antioxidant brightening serums deeply into the skin. The result is perfectly glazed, vibrant, refreshed and glowing skin that you’ll want to show off immediately! The Glaze is a gentle yet highly effective “day of” facial treatment. With no redness or downtime, makeup can be applied immediately after. It’s the ideal skin boost before parties, weddings, photos or a night out on the town. The Glaze is also the perfect treatment between facials to maintain your skin’s healthy glow.