The Primary Benefits of Skin Waxing

The Primary Benefits of Skin Waxing

Many of us want our skin to be smooth and hair-free, but there are those out there whose fear of the waxing process overwhelms their desire for better-looking skin. And while this is understandable to a degree, it can also be rooted in misconceptions – waxing doesn’t hurt as much as you think, and the benefits can be numerous.


At Red Stella Salon, waxing is just one of our many skin care and other hair salon services. What are some of the reasons you might benefit from skin waxing?



Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin on the surface of your body, and waxing is an excellent way to do it. Wax is applied to your skin and begins to dry for a few seconds before it’s removed – dead skin cells will stick to the wax during these precious seconds, and then will be removed when the wax comes off.


For many people, this can just be one part of a multi-step process: Some choose to exfoliate in the shower before a wax, and others use exfoliating moisturizers after a wax to help soothe skin.




Unlike a razor, which simply cuts off hair at the point where it leaves the skin, waxing pulls hair out from its root. This means it will take longer for hair to grow back in, and more importantly for some people, it will usually be much thinner when it does grow back. This means every wax will become easier and easier, and you can go longer and longer in between appointments as your skin and hair continue to adjust.


Limited Irritation


Another common downside to shaving is the way it can leave skin red and irritated for hours or even days after, but this won’t be a concern with a proper waxing job from Red Stella Salon. The pain is less than most people assume originally, and there’s little to no residue from the procedure – all evidence that you ever had it done (beyond your smooth lack of hair, of course) will be gone by the time you leave the salon.


Our experts at Red Stella Salon are here to make your waxing or other salon experiences a breeze and an enjoyable experience. Contact our team today.