Why a Great Haircut in Austin Isn’t All about Keeping Up with Trends

Why a Great Haircut in Austin Isn’t All about Keeping Up with Trends

Back in May 2012, Fox News reported on a study conducted by Andrew Hogan (an executive member of Optometrists Association Australia) that revealed that trendy hairstyles can lead to amblyopia, the medical term for lazy eye. Such a condition occurs as a result of persistent visual obstruction. Hogan particularly singles out fringe hairstyles one often sees on glamorous celebrities and fashion models these days.

“Emo” hairstyles, which are characterized by long, chunky layers and sideswept bangs, are another prime example of what young people may want to avoid when getting haircuts. Such a hairstyle takes its name from the eponymous offshoot of the hardcore punk movement that’s firmly rooted in the Austin music scene. In any case, one must not sacrifice comfort and personal health when getting an edgy haircut in Austin.

Hogan adds that letting a “curtain of hair” hang over one eye is comparable to wearing an eye patch. This limits the eye’s access to both sunlight and sensory stimulation. The affected eye loses its functionality due to prolonged sensory deprivation, and eventually forces the other eye to compensate. While there’s no stopping the young people from following hair trends, they must, at least, reconsider their options before adopting hairdos that can obstruct their vision.

A person afflicted with amblyopia, Hogan says, may experience a change in the way the brain processes images. Such a condition is no doubt an awful price to pay for a fashionable haircut. When going for a hair makeover, it may be wise to heed the advice of magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan, which emphasize the importance of face shape in relation to hair length and cut.

For instance, long tresses, rather than fringe hairstyles, often suit people with round faces. Yet when you’ve got a long way to go before your hair reaches the ideal length, you might want to get hair extensions in Austin, TX, available from salons like Red Stella. With hair extensions, you don’t have to commit to a single length or ‘do for months on end.

The desire to belong and keep up with trends may sometimes be detrimental to one’s well-being. Copying your favorite celebrity’s fringe hairstyle without proper regard for your personal comfort may in fact lead to lazy eye disorder, as Hogan’s study has shown. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a hairstyle that’s appropriate for your age, face shape, and personal style, you may want to turn to professional stylists at top Austin salons like Red Stella for expert advice.